Veï Lou Quéri

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Take the step to a walking and / or cycling holiday in what the French say is still real France and stay with Corrie and Ron, who are also real walking and cycling enthusiasts.


Veï Lou Quéri
3, Route du Geay
23220 Moutier-Malcard
Telephone number: +33 555806608 / +33 683239569


About the accommodation

The text below is automatically translated from another language using Google Translate. The translation may not be entirely accurate.

Your next walking or cycling holiday in the green heart of France? Our beautiful place in this unknown region is the ideal starting point. There are walks and cycling routes in all shapes and sizes, individually or in groups.

The Creuse is often referred to as the great green heart of France, where time seems to have stood still. The hilly scenic landscape is a true paradise for every walker and cyclist. From mile-eater to muser, for one-hour hikes to multi-day tours. Everyone in their own way can enjoy the silence and the beautiful surroundings. All year round, every season has its charm.

More than 2,500 km of marked hiking trails are available throughout the Creuse. Almost every municipality has several walking routes of its own.
We ourselves established a large number of routes from our home and in the neighborhood, varying from 1 to 10 hours pure running time. We also selected the most beautiful walks in the Creuse and the nearby Berry.
All routes give a good impression of the real Creuse (and the Berry), of the rich history, exuberant flora and fauna, with beautiful viewpoints and perhaps unexpected encounters with the friendly Creusois. Itineraries, topographic maps and a GPS are available, as well as expert advice and guidance.

What applies to walking applies equally well to cyclists. The Creuse is a fantastic cycling destination.
The hilly landscape, the quiet small roads and the beautiful views mean a true Eldorado for them.
For the tough climbs, a light gear or an electric bicycle is useful. We have two e-bikes for rent.
The Atbrs are also getting their money's worth. There are 1,244 km of routes available in the Creuse. 38 laps are near us, from 8 to 67 km.
Moreover, there is also plenty to cycle from our house. All routes that we have set out for our hikers are also suitable for mountain bikes.

In the Creuse you can also cycle a large round, the so-called Véloroute. You have the Véloroute East and West which are connected by the Véloroute North and South. The total length is 379 km. We are close to the Véloroute Noord, so that offers perspective. Do you want to do it in 2 or more days? We are happy to help with the planning.

After the walk or bike ride, you can relax in our quiet and comfortable “maison de maître” with beautiful garden. There are 5 rooms, a sitting / dining room and library and a park-like garden. You will be warmly welcomed and spoiled with delicious and healthy meals "from your own garden". We also have a 4-person gite for those who want to be more private. And of course your bike can sleep in the closed garage.

Take the step to a sporting holiday in what the French themselves still consider real France!

And do you also want to walk outside Europe? Individually or with a group? Corrie has been organizing hiking trips in Morocco for twenty years, together with her good friend and guide / organizer Brahim. No, not as a travel agent. She does this voluntarily to help the people there to find work and therefore income. Check out their website Warmly recommended!

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